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Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (IIP)

Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (IIP) caters to the belief systems of Muslim clients by integrating Islam into modern psychotherapy. It serves their cultural and faith-sensitives to help them with their spiritual and emotional struggles. It helps Muslim clients navigate Islamophobia and challenges related to family, identity, and spirituality.

Connect with Our Expert Muslim Therapists for Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy

If you’re seeking a therapeutic approach that aligns with Islamic principles and values, we invite you to connect with our specialized Muslim therapists. Our team is dedicated to providing Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy, ensuring a culturally sensitive and faith-based perspective in addressing your mental health needs.

Sadaf Jamal

Registered Psychotherapist, M.Sc. MPS RYT EMDR

Hind Marai

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), MPS

Beena Syed

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

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